Bobby Sue York

My name is Bobbysue. I have been doing hair extensions for over 8 years.
100% of my business is hair extensions or services to aid my clients with their hair extensions. Including hair color, hair cuts, waxing, straighteners, and more.

After attending cosmetology school, I continued my education by getting licensed and trained by multiple hair extension companies. My companies included Ultratress, Perfectress, Hairdreams, and Cinderella Hair. I am certified in many companies, so I have several options for each of my clients. I have over $10,000 in just hair extension education, and it shows in every client service I do.
Most of my hair extension installations take less than 3 hours! I don't feel that someone should have to sit in my chair for six hours to get  good quality hair extensions. Installations usually take between 75 to 180 pieces. I know that there are other companies out there that think you should have a full head of hair extensions around 300 pieces or more. I think that is ridiculous!!! I want you to still be able to style your hair and enjoy it, not be weighed down.

Hair extensions are my life. I take pride in every service I do! I only use 100% remy human hair extensions!! I don't charge thousands of dollars to do my services, not because I am not trained enough...but because I want clients to be able to afford my pricing and continue to wear hair extensions and be happy.

I hope after visiting my website and seeing my work that I will get to meet you soon. I offer complimentary consultations so that you see my hair and decide if I am a right fit for you!

Looking forward to your future business!!!!!
  -BobbySue York

'If I don't believe in it being safe to your hair, then I won't do it!"

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