Before adding fusion hair extensions

Hair Extensions are no longer only worn by celebs, These days all ladies who have been longing for longer, fuller, hair has it available in only a few short hours!

I'm sure we have all heard that hair extensions are damaging and bad for your hair, but that is far from the truth! My theory is that whoever puts it in and takes it out does the damage! If the person is in a hurry or doesn't have adequate training, there will be damage...for sure!!! 

So here are the few things you should consider before getting hair extensions-

  -Does stylist have training and proof?
  -Am I wanting length, volume, or both?
  -Do I work out a lot?
  -Can I commit to maintenance every 6 to 8 
  -Can I commit to only using salon products?
  -How long of hair do I want?

If you have considered these things, then you are on your way to your new hair!
(All Photos on this website are actual clients. No stock photos here!)

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